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What We Do

WealthWorks Hub


Region Five Development Commission is a regional hub for the WealthWorks approach and is committed to broadly sharing their on-the-ground experience with the WealthWorks approach and principles. WealthWorks regional hubs function as part of a learning community, committed to learning from each other and improving on this framework. Regional hubs also provide a way for interested practitioners to learn more about and connect with organizations implementing WealthWorks on the ground, and to support work at the state, regional and local levels. Regional hubs, like Region Five Development Commission can help in the following ways:

  •  organize and deliver regional training
  •  enhance peer to peer learning and sharing within a region and between states
  •  promote networking across state boundaries
  •  allow for sharing of stories, challenges, opportunities and best practices
  •  provide for support for local coordinators
  •  leverage resources


What is WealthWorks?

For more information about WealthWorks, visit For more information about how you can learn about, be trained in, or implement WeatlhWorks, contact Dawn Espe at 218-894-3233 x3 or