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Economic Development



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Lending opportunities:

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Comprehensive Regional Economic Development Strategy

Through a planning grant provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Economic Development Association, Region Five Development Commission develops and maintains the Comprehensive Regional Economic Development Strategy (CREDS) for the region.


2016-2021 Comprehensive Regional Economic Development Strategy

CREDS 2016 Appendix

Comments and questions regarding this plan can be directed to Dawn Espe at or 218-894-3233.

To learn more about the 2016-2021 CREDS, please visit or


CREDS Strategy Committee

2016 EDD Governing Body

2016 Vital Projects

CREDS Economic Competition Report 2015

R5DC Community Resources Data

R5DC Economic Competitiveness Data

R5DC Foundational Assets Data

R5DC Human Capital Data




Investment Priorities


Within the parameters of a competitive grant process, all projects are evaluated to determine if they advance global competitiveness, create jobs, leverage public and private resources, can demonstrate readiness and ability to use funds quickly and effectively and link to specific and measureable outcomes. To facilitate evaluation EDA has established the following investment priorities:

1. Collaborative Regional Innovation

2. Public/Private Partnerships

3. National Strategic Priorities

4. Global Competitiveness

5. Environmentally-Sustainable Development

6. Economically Distressed and Underserved Communities


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For more information on R5DC's Economic Development programs, please contact Cheryal Lee Hills at or call 218-894-3233 x1.