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Expanding Cultural Competency

Welcoming Communities Advocacy Groups strive to expand cultural competency by acknowledging and bridging difference. Our regional language is changing, curiosity is piqued, and our hope is that this work influences systems that are affecting equitable economic prosperity for the long haul.


We utilize the WealthWorks framework designed for organizations like ours to see the full continuum and make connections to tools like the Intercultural Development Inventory Assessments that help us build cultural capital to benefit all people.

Pine River Project: offer virtual cultural cooking classes, ingredients from the local food co-op, classes include a local chef and a “cultural connector” to share why that meal is important to their culture (local foods).  View video here.

PRB_Food_WCAG_Pine River_Capture.PNG

Little Falls Project: wayfinding signage sharing history of how energy has been harnessed in Little Falls from the river to the sun, including the connections the Anishinaabe have to those forms of energy in our region (energy). View signage to be installed at local parks here.

Staples Project: Big Read project in conjunction with the public school through a book by a Native American poet.  Also, access to small grants to business owners to help implement DEI strategies (placemaking).


GoNorth Project: create a welcoming center/community classroom utilizing multi-generational volunteers. View final project report here.

Long Prairie Project:

Incorporated features to Harmony Park to encourage interaction and conversation among residents (placemaking)

harmony park project_art1.jpg

These projects are in the works and as they evolve, more details will be shared here:

  • Brainerd Project: Community and Workforce Inclusion Council (placemaking) to support employers interested in learning more about attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

  • MidMN Women's Center Project: Restructuring the organization- name, mission, logo, and how they present themselves to the public in an effort to expand the perception of who they serve by actually reflecting who they serve

  • Pequot Lakes Project Idea: connecting community population to student population

To learn more about these projects and opportunities, please contact Dawn Espe.


Visit The Sowing Room to find resources to support welcoming communities in rural MN!

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