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Regional Transportation Coordinating Council for Region 5 MN

The goal of the Regional Transportation Coordinating Council (RTCC) for Region 5 MN is to fill transportation gaps, streamline access to transportation and provide individuals more options for travel throughout the region. R5DC has established a group of regional stakeholders to develop the framework for a Regional Transportation Coordinating Council (RTCC) to improve the coordination of transportation services through a network of existing public, private, and non-profit transportation providers.

The purpose of the RTCC is to improve mobility for the “transportation disadvantaged" and all Region 5 residents.

"This is not just about going out to get your sustenance or going to medical appointments. It's about people connecting with people, and getting them where they need to go."

Cheryal Hills

R5DC Executive Director

"The RTCC is trying to break down the silos and create harmony between providers."

Andy Stone

Transit Coordinator

Brainerd & Crow Wing Public Transit 

"I have met the most fantastic people in the world - both clients and people that I work with in the office at Faith in Action. It gives you a good feeling."

Caryl Allan

Faith in Action Volunteer Driver

Are you curious to know more about the RTCC discussions and planning? Read the Operational Implementation Plan and Phase 2: Operational Implementation Plan for Region 5 MN.


This plan covers the counties of Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd & Wadena, located in central Minnesota.


A special thank you to our stakeholders and public event attendees for your feedback, dialogue and participation. 

Links to the Plans:

Phase 2: Operational Implementation Plan

Operational Implementation Plan

Fase 2: Plan de Implementación Operacional - Spanish

Plan de Implementación Operacional  - Spanish


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The RTCC program is funded by a grant from the MN Department of Transportation.

For more information about the Region 5 Regional Transportation Coordinating Council,

please contact Tad Erickson.

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