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Focusing on mental health, social cohesion, and workforce in Central Minnesota.

Make an Impact

Interested in removing barriers and advancing local opportunities through impactful, collaborative partnerships? Join fellow regional leaders in envisioning a future where our central Minnesota communities are filled with thriving residents, equitable economic opportunities, and environmental stewardship.


Together we can make a difference in the lives around us through:

  • Collaboration: Bringing together our collective experience and expertise

  • Prioritization: Identifying priority areas to invest our time and resources

  • Alignment: Aligning our work to be even more intentional, effective, and efficient with our resources

  • Measurement: Ensuring that our efforts are having an impact in the region

Areas of focus

By bringing together diverse community leaders and offering structure and support, collective power, and increased capacity, we can build bridges to create measurable, systemic change in:


Mental Health

Despite growing mental health needs, our region’s access to providers is lower than state and national averages. With collaborative efforts already underway, now is the time to create systemic solutions for our residents.

CB_Social Cohesion (1).png

Social Cohesion

Increasing political polarization and changing demographics are creating new and widening rifts in our region. Strong, resilient communities rely on leaders who can work across and through difference.

CB_Workforce (1).png


While central Minnesota leads all the non-metro regions in job creation, employers that cannot find workers will depart if worker shortages are not addressed. As the older generation retires, it’s critical our region takes a collaborative approach to plan for future workforce needs.

Our Process

Engage: analyze the issues and barriers
Envision: problem-solve around possible solutions
Enact: develop and execute a regional plan


"The Community Bridgemakers is an approach that's designed to improve the health, vitality, and economy of Region Five through system level changes, meaningful partnerships, and collaboration that bridges work across sectors and generations." 

Katie Baier

Program Manager

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This program is a collaboration with the Initiative Foundation, Region Five Development Commission, and Sourcewell. To learn more about participating, contact Katie Baier | 320-232-5781 |

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