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Take 5


R5DC is focused on serving the people and communities within the five county region, formed by Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena counties. There are five circles within the logo representing the five counties in the region, four colors and one white circle. The red center circle represents our focus on agency wide services to build better communities for all people. This color is also a nod to our former logo, as we continue to build on our long standing history of service excellence. The inner orange circle signifies the important work we do in the transportation arena. The teal green circle signifies our commitment to economic development through our lending arm, North Central Economic Development Association (NCEDA). The outer blue circle represents our all-encompassing efforts in community development, which is woven throughout everything we do - just as the lakes and rivers weave through and enrich our land. We promote a good life for all people, by connecting arts, agriculture, recreation, transportation, medical, manufacturing and industrial entities. The multiple colors in the logo represent the multitude of factors and facets that R5DC uses to determine the focus of our efforts and the shifting perspectives we take as we do so. Our region is diverse and inter-connected. The needs of its people are constantly changing, just as our lenses and viewpoints differ and shift. We wanted to honor this kaleidescope effect with our new logo.

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