Sustainability & Resilience in Action

R5DC has a long history  of work around regional resiliency and renewable energy. Our Energy and Environment Planning utilizes these years of experience and expertise and works in tandem with a municipality's comprehensive plan or as a stand-alone plan to strategize for actionable steps in our communities. Sustainability and resiliency planning ensures a thriving region for generations to come and is measured by the intersectional  connections with environment and the WealthWorks eight forms of wealth.

What would Energy & Environment Planning Look Like in My Community?

Our Energy & Environment Planning process prioritizes projects that complement and support your city's comprehensive plans and your county's hazard mitigation plans. Through community meetings (online if necessary), projects will be prioritized into a five-year action plan that includes investments and timelines, and identifies additional resources for further implementation.

If you are interested in learning more about Energy and Environment Planning

and how it might work in your community, contact Erica Bjelland

200 1st Street NE Suite 2 | Staples, MN 56479 | 218.894.3233

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