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Energy & Environment Planning


  1. The city will be implementing a number of severe weather-related initiatives

    • Ensure a safe space for severe weather events

    • Provide back-up energy resources for community safe spaces during blackouts

    • Provide annual education and outreach programs regarding severe weather events

  2. Repair the shelter at River Park

  3. Paint or repair existing buildings and demolish the abandoned ones around town

  4. Install solar lights around the baseball field

Community Input Survey was posted and open to the public from Dec. 15. 2021 - Jan. 15, 2022. The survey was part of an energy and environment plan being conducted by the City of Hewitt and Region Five Development Commission and will help create community-developed energy and environment-related goals and aspirations to guide future planning efforts and projects. Public comment period for the Hewitt Energy & Environment Plan was open April 10th through May 10th.

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