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Energy & Environment Planning


  • The city will conduct spring clean-up to allow residents to dispose of their hazardous wastes and other non-standard waste (furniture, appliances, etc.)​​

  • Offer residents free well water testing and encourage annual testing. They will also provide educational programs about why this is important.​

  • Install pollinator gardens in community spaces as well as establish community gardens​

  • Install fire hydrants on each side of Highway 371 to increase community safety

Survey was posted and open to the public from Dec. 1 - Dec. 31, 2021. The survey was part of an energy and environment plan being conducted by the City of Jenkins and Region Five Development Commission and will help create community-developed energy and environment-related goals and aspirations to guide future planning efforts and projects. Public comment period for the Jenkins Energy & Environment Plan was open March 10th to April 10th.

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