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Regional Development Planner


Savannah joined Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) in 2023. Her primary role, as a planner, includes working with local cities to create comprehensive plans driven by local community input. She conducts public workshops, facilitates, and plans meetings, and drafts planning documents. She is also engaged in energy and environment planning, grant writing and implementation projects for the region, led by the community.


Savannah assists with the annual planning grant through the Economic Development Administration (EDA). She develops and recommends overall economic strategies and objectives and is responsible for completing the Comprehensive Regional Economic Development Strategy plan (CREDS) on a five-year cycle and does this in conjunction with the CREDS Strategy Committee and the CREDS Governing Body.   


Savannah holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from The College of Saint Scholastica. She is also the Head Director of the Vacationland Figure Skating Club in the Brainerd Lakes area and a coach of 10+ years. She enjoys spending time with her family and loves to travel when possible. 

Savannah can be reached at 218.894.3233 or via email at

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