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Request for Proposal

We are seeking proposals for a project with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe to provide Architectural & Engineering Services for the LLBO Construction Industry Workforce Training Facility. This is funded by US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration.

The deadline for RFP submission is September 15, 2021.

Applications should be submitted to Erica Bjelland at

Firms interested in walking the property should contact prior to September 1, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When is the RFP due?


A: September 15th by EOB 5pm CST

Q: Is the role of the firm applying to design the construction and the workforce program?

A: Leech Lake Tribal College will be implementing the workforce training. The applicant will be doing the architectural and engineering for the facility in partnership with the community. Please refer to pg. 4 and 5 of the RFP for clarity on applicant role. 

Q: "Page four (4) of the RFP calls for all “All Services to Be Performed In-House”. There are very few firms in our region who are set up to perform all services in house. Is this a hard and fast requirement or is Region Five Development Commission open to other types of organizational structures?"

A: "Thank you for this question and pointing this out - it will change the language we use in the future. No points will be deducted for responses with an “team approach”. This is much more in keeping with our equity goals to intentionally offer opportunities to regionally based small and mid-sized enterprises, in addition to intentions to work with minority and veteran led/owned enterprises.

Please articulate who would be doing different portions of the work and give their experience and length of relationship with your firm and other pertinent information about them you think would be helpful to the review committee. Your firm would be responsible for taking on the role of “lead firm” and manage sub-contracts with any other in a proposed team members.  Should a “team approach” be selected by the review committee, R5DC would hold one contract with a lead firm and all deliverables would be the responsibility of that lead firm."


Q: Do you anticipate this property being subdivided or will it remain a single ~80 acre parcel?


A: We anticipate that the parcel would be subdivided into two approximately equal sections, east and west. The subdivision line would be north-south. See red mark on image below for approximation of subdivision line. The new facility would be located on the west parcel.

Q:  It is my understanding in Federal EDA projects the design team that completes the PER Preliminary Engineering Report items A. and B. can’t do Phase 2 Final Design and Construction Administration items (C-G). Can you confirm if the EDA will allow teams to continue to phase two items C. D. E. F. and G.? 


A: I have convened with EDA on this matter and their verbal response was that- so long as the RFP process complies with C.F.R procurement regulations and we are clear that we are procuring for all services at one time, thus there would be no “unfair advantage”. I will ask EDA for written confirmation of this verbal instruction but as of now we are moving forward with the one RFP to cover all services. 

EDA RESPONSE: R5DC’s response to this question is correct, if the procurement is undertaken in compliance with 2CFR200 (please see linked guidance) you can procure for the preparation of application materials, including the PER and EN AND if awarded a grant, final design services, construction management services, inspection services, etc. Per Darrin J Fleener, Economic Development Representative -U.S. Department of Commerce

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