Focused on workforce attraction and expanding cultural agility for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Equitable Economic Ecosystems

The Equitable Economic Systems for regional prosperity initiative seeks to dislodge the cultural
inertia and increase the public courage to be welcoming. It further seeks to increase welcoming
community advocacy groups to help build welcoming communities. These actions lay the necessary
social groundwork for a modernized approach to rural community and economic development – an
approach based on welcoming diversity and building value chains/interconnections of all kinds to
foster economic innovation and equitably grow vibrant, inclusive communities.

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What is culture?

Culture is a word that refers to the social norms, ideas, arts, beliefs, and other characteristics shared by a group of people in a set time and place. Because these characteristics can be very different among different groups of people, misunderstanding can quickly arise, and these misunderstandings can seriously hamper the efforts of a business and community to expand, grow, or operate successfully.

What is cultural agility?

Cultural agility refers to the ability of an organization or community and its members to understand, incorporate, and successfully work within and between multiple different cultural contexts and locations.


What is our focus?

Organizations and communities apply to participate in this program based on their desire to create a welcoming space. There are funding dollars available for the implementation of a community project that highlights and showcases the Welcoming Communities initiative. Projects could be centered around a wide variety of cultural groups, such as  veterans, millennials, youth, those living in poverty, Latinx, Native Americans, people affected by mental illness or disabilities, LBGTQ, and seniors. We seek to find areas of common ground through faith, hope, love, and charity, but also through hard work with a focus on entrepreneurship, workforce and economic development.

Share your welcoming communities ideas with us!

R5DC supports resiliency, inclusion and collaboration as guiding concepts in achieving mutually shared goals.

The IDI Assessments assist our understanding of and ability to experience cultural difference, and how to set and achieve goals that further develop individual and group skills that impact community service.

To learn more about the Welcoming Communities and Equitable Economic Ecosystems initiatives,

please connect with Dawn Espe.

This program is funded by the Blandin Foundation, Northwest Area Foundation and Sourcewell.

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