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City of Staples Launches Energy & Environment Planning Survey

The City of Staples is currently participating in Energy & Environment (EE) planning and project implementation with Region Five Development Commission. Public input is requested for the EE planning survey. This plan will help create community-developed environment and energy goals and projects based on the City’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan and Hazard Mitigation Plans.

This plan is one of two pilot Energy and Environment planning processes in Region 5 and is supported by a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). At the end of the planning process, the city will have concrete energy and environment-related action steps and $10,000 from the MPCA to start implementing the outlined goals.

If you live, work, play or visit in Staples, we ask that you please complete the survey:

To learn more, visit

You may also contact Erica Bjelland at or by phone at (218) 894-6011.

The survey is open December 22nd through February 20th.

The Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) is a high-performing, regionally focused partner committed to enhancing the vitality and quality of life in Region 5 through resilient, collaborative, and inclusive approaches to regional community development, economic development, and transportation initiatives. R5DC is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Visit to learn more.


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