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R5DC Receives Grant from Northwest Area Foundation

Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) is the recipient of a $420,000.00 two-year grant from the Northwest Area Foundation (NWAF) to fund a program that advances goals of the Regional Prosperities initiative. This program seeks to share economic and community development tools to cultivate locally controlled, equitable economies, especially in low-wealth and rural communities, with a focus on resiliency and inclusivity.

Over a two-year period, R5DC will collaborate with local leaders to connect the region to resources, tools, and opportunities to advance cultural knowledge and create bridges to overcome differences. This will include training and workshops, a fellowship program, culinary artist in residency program, and continued support of the Community Supported Agriculture program serving those who need access to healthy, nutritious foods.

If you are interested in the CSA program, contact Fallon Ryan at (320) 412-3081.

To get involved, or to learn more about the Regional Prosperities program, contact Dawn Espe at (218) 894-3233 Ext. 3 or via email at

With the NWAF investment, R5DC joins with Sprout MN, Welcoming Community Advocacy Groups, Justice System Consortium, and other regional, state and national partners to deliver this important program.

About Northwest Area Foundation

Northwest Area Foundation focuses on supporting organizations anchored in the culture of the people they serve and dedicated to expanding economic opportunity in under-resourced communities. It specializes in the fields of promoting financial inclusion and fostering native American economic development.

About Region Five Development Commission

The Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) is a high-performing, regionally focused partner committed to enhancing the vitality and quality of life in Region 5 through resilient, collaborative, and inclusive approaches to regional community development, economic development, and transportation initiatives. R5DC is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Visit to learn more.


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