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Training sessions were offered to employees and operators of small food retailers, such as corner stores, convenience stores, farmers' markets, mobile food markets, co-ops, and retail food outlets. Video recordings and session materials are available below.

June 20, 2019: Market Expansion

July 18, 2019: WealthWorks Evaluation

September 19, 2019: HR Retention Strategies

November 21, 2019: Grant Writing

January 16, 2020: Board Development

May 21, 2020: Succession Planning

June 18, 2020: Business Planning

July 16, 2020: Health - Education & Policy

August 26, 2020: Food Justice & Racial Justice

September 17, 2020: Technology



GFAP Training Workshop: Market Expansion Seminar

GFAP Training Workshop: Market Expansion Seminar

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